About us

The company SILA was founded in 1919, in 1991 is fully privatized and developed into a modern company with currently 22 employees with a tendency of employing new workers.
Tvornica Sila, Radnička cesta 218, Zagreb

The company Sila is paying great importance to improving their own experts in all business areas.

Sila is constantly focused on meeting the business requirements of its customers.

We established and certified quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008 which is a distinctive mark of quality but also a commitment to further improvement of the business to the satisfaction of all users of our products and services and employees.


The solid and the strong company which with your stability, the quality of products and the continuous development guarantees the customer satisfaction of our products and services, satisfaction of the owner and all employees.


The production of high quality products and provide services that win the trust of clients. Satisfied and loyal customers with whom we build partnerships. Satisfied and loyal employees to whom we offer safety and a stimulating work environment where they can achieve all their individual potential. The sustainable development and the excellence through high quality products, satisfied partners and concern about the safety and the environment.